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How to Use Images of Faces to Drive Conversion

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Does Your Website Have the Human Touch?
Copy is one of your strongest weapons in conveying your marketing message. Pictures have their place too – a picture is worth a thousand words, right? But images of actual people can humanize your website and help give your conversion rate a boost.

Use people to enhance your products and services
Faces are a wonderful tool in showing emotions. Happy smiling families sell resort vacation packages. Cringing faces express the pain of a headache and sell aspirin. And you’ll never attend a fashion show where designers pull out racks of clothes displayed on hangers – but rather, their latest line will be showcased being worn by (near perfect) models.
For example, take a look at how the woman in this ad piece for recliner chairs conveys ‘cozy and comfortable’.

Using actual people can also help give a better depiction of the product or service. According to Internet Retailer, Due Maternity saw a 27% conversion lift by using technology that spins views of models wearing their clothing 360 degrees.


Show Visitors the People Behind the Website
There are some visitors who have a deep need to learn more about the people behind a product or service. It helps them make decisions when they know a little bit about the people behind the actual website.

Medalia Art, decided to exchange images of their art pieces with images of the actual artists – to see if it would raise user engagement. The result – the A/B split test below revealed a surprising 95% lift in conversions.

Paintings swapped with human photos.

Since people are interested in knowing more about the people behind the business and services – always consider adding images of your company’s key members and staff on your About Us page. This helps validate that there are real people running your website.

Choose Your Line of Sight Carefully
Humans are naturally drawn to looking at other human beings. You’ve heard of “people watching” right? We are also instinctively curious creatures by nature. We find it nearly impossible to not look where an arrow leads or what another person is looking at.

Combine the two – and you can greatly enhance your marketing message’s power and increase conversions.

Take a look at the eye tracking image below. You’ll notice that the concentrated areas of red show that the viewers were mostly drawn to the baby’s face – not the text.

In the next ad, the same baby was used. However, this time the baby was postured to look directly at the copywriting. Notice that the areas of red reveal that not only did viewers look at the baby’s face – but they also looked where the baby was looking.

Even the baby’s chin served as a subtle arrow pointing viewers towards the copy.

Marketers know and understand this phenomenon. You can use it too to guide visitors eyes to look where you’d like them to look. Take a look how puts it into action to get viewers to notice their personality test and find chemistry.


Usability Word Study

Add Faces to Testimonials to Add More Credibility
Anyone can put up a testimonial and call it legit. But studies show that adding a face to your testimonials makes visitors feel more confident that they are legit.
To really add credibility that’s difficult to question – use video testimonials. Watching a customer speak their praises about your company makes it hard to believe that the testimonial is anything but authentic – especially if it is a high profile client.

Make Contacting You Feel More Personal
Adding faces can increase connections and raise user engagement.
Jason Thompson conducted an A/B split test replacing an icon with an image of himself to see if more visitors would reach out. The result – a 48% lift in conversions.


LiveChat displays a picture of each chat operators at the top of the chat box so that users can see who they are actually chatting with.


Adding people to your website has been proven to help better depict products, provide info about the people behind a website, guide eye flow, back up testimonials and encourage contact.

With all the ways in which you can increase user engagement and lift conversions by using images of real live people – why wouldn’t you at least A/B test a couple of different variations and see for yourself!

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