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Ch-ch-changes – 5/28/2012

May 28, 2012   //   by yosemsweet   //   Crowdvert updates  //  No Comments

We are constantly making changes and testing things out. Here’s some of what we’ve done over the last week!

Based off discussions with our crack team of optimizers we’ve added a bit more functionality around adding and removing attachments for experiments. These attachments  can include everything from rough mock-ups to detailed analytics or even interactive prototypes.

After watching some of our clients go back and forth from challenges to experiments we’ve reorganized the challenge page to get the most commonly accessed information up to the top of the page.

We used to ask our clients to Approve experiments, but what we really wanted was for our clients to select an experiment so they could work with the optimizer to make any final tweaks needed to test it on their site. So we renamed that functionality to Select.

Optimizers are now emailed when their experiment is selected. While we were at it we also email them when a challenge closes so they can view what other optimizers have submitted.


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