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Ch-ch-changes – 2012.05.17

May 17, 2012   //   by yosemsweet   //   Crowdvert updates  //  No Comments

We are constantly making changes and testing things out. Here’s some of what we’ve done over the last week!

We finally got around to making results a bit easier to read. Results are now displayed with % lift indicated and a bit more space around the baseline values to help at a glance comprehension.

In order to help our clients and optimizers get the most out of Crowdvert we’ve baked a short challenge review period into our workflow.

We’ve ¬†tweaked some of the language throughout the process to be the same as what we actually use when we talk about Crowdvert.

In a gross oversight a couple of screens didn’t include important details like the client’s name and when a challenge closes. It does now though!

Don’t you hate it when you try and visit a page, are asked to log in, and then have to make your way to that page again because logging in takes you somewhere else? Turns out we hated it too! So now we don’t do that anymore.

After working with our optimizers on the last few rounds of experiments we’ve decided to make some simplifications to the process so that more optimizers can submit proposed experiments in less time.


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